Farmer’s loan – where to look?

Profitable agricultural activity is not possible without modernization and investment. A good source of additional resources may be loans to farmers – products created to support growing farms.

The size of the farm also has an impact on the interest in this type of products: the larger it is, the more willingly farmers look for additional funds. Entrepreneurs involved in agricultural production can take advantage of the wide range of government banks. However, the possibilities do not end there: many banks have prepared a special offer for this professional group.

Farmer’s loan


Agriculture stands out from the rest of the economy. Substantial dependence on atmospheric conditions is associated with greater risk, and seasonality affects the income irregularity. For this reason, loans to farmers should take into account the specificities of the industry and be tailored to its specific needs. We will find them in the offer of many institutions – not only small cooperative banks, but also large universal banks.

They usually take a formula similar to corporate loans. Investment loans have been provided for farmers who want to finance investments, while revolving loans have been prepared for those who intend to finance current operations in this way.

Agro loans at Cream Bank

Agro loans at Alior Bank

Cream Bank has prepared a rich offer of loans for farmers. Constant access to new funds is provided by the Agro revolving loan in the credit account, the Agro overdraft facility operating on a similar basis is also an alternative. A purchase product is a special product used to finance the purchase and storage of seasonal agricultural products.

People looking for investment funds should in turn be interested in the offer of investment loans for farmers: Cream offers its clients an Agro investment loan, enabling financing of any investment projects, and an Agro loan for the purchase of agricultural land.

Loan for a farmer at Good Finance

Loan for a farmer at BNP Paribas

An even wider cross-section of loans to farmers was prepared by the Good Finance bank. Customers looking for revolving loans will find several products tailored to their specific needs. The Agro loan is characterized by quick application processing, at the same time it can reach USD 2,000,000 with a loan term of one to five years.

Farmers seeking funds for the purchase of agricultural inputs should in turn be interested in the Advocate Loan, whose repayment can be spread over up to 84 months, and in some variants it is not necessary to provide any kind of collateral. Lite Lender is also an interesting product. An amount of up to USD 1 million can be repaid over a period of 15 years. It is also possible to establish collateral on the property belonging to a third party.

The investment loan offer for farmers at Good Finance is based on two products: Agro Progres enables the payment of high amounts and the repayment deadline of up to 30 years. In turn, Agro Progres Premium, addressed to owners of larger farms, gives the possibility of cashless settlement with equipment suppliers and settling all formalities directly at the bank branch.

Credit for a farmer at Best Lender

Credit for a farmer at Credit Agricole

Best Lender is another bank that looks at agricultural activities in a special way. The investment loan for farmers offered allows for relatively cheap financing, with a margin of 2% and a variable rate based on 3M USD. The repayment period can be up to 12 years.

This is an interesting offer, especially for farmers who have obtained EU funding. In this case, it will not be necessary to pay your own contribution, while the part of the investment that is subject to subsidy will be financed through a bridge loan. A similar mechanism can also be used when waiting for a refund of the VAT due.

Farmers who want to buy agricultural land or real estate can, in turn, take advantage of the land loan on their own. The maximum investment cost is USD 2 million, while the bank will require only 10% of its own contribution. The installment repayment schedule will be adjusted to individual dates of obtaining revenues, and the repayment itself can be spread over even 20 years, postponing the repayment of capital for two years.

Attractive loan offers for farmers

Attractive loan offers for farmers

Running a farm can become a very profitable activity. To succeed, however, it is necessary to find the right forms of financing. In addition to their own savings and funds from EU subsidies, farmers can also find attractive loan offers from banks. Particularly favorable conditions are offered by preferential loans in which the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture participates.

However, this is not the only offer addressed to farm owners. They can also count on standard working capital and investment loans, adapted to the characteristics of their business. Many institutions propose, among others making the repayment schedule dependent on income or enabling unpaid EU subsidies or VAT due to be covered by bridging loans.

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