Pay contactless with the credit card – prepaid credit card.

What may seem like magic to grandma or grandpa is now a matter of course for modern people, contactless payment with a credit card or checking card. And it is a real relief for older people, as you no longer have to push the bank card around and, of course, the wrong way round into the reading slot of the payment terminal.

The contactless payment with the credit card works via the NFC which means “Near Field Communication” in German. This method is an international standard for short-distance data transmission and works by holding your card close to the reader. This then reads the data and, after the payment has been made, sends a signal to confirm that the amount to be paid has been debited.



On the one hand, it is a much more secure method compared to a bank card, for example, since no PIN is entered and no one can access private data. Other advantages include hygiene. You don’t touch any money that went through thousands of hands before, just your personal card.

Also, holding the credit card to the device is much faster than the conventional processing process. You don’t have to carry small change around to be able to pay appropriately! Your card can do that too. The security aspects are no less reliable with this method than with your bank or credit card, since the same high security standards are also applied here, such as dynamic security codes that expire after your one-time use and so there is no risk that they could be copied.



In any case, contactless payment is a very innovative payment method that will become increasingly popular in the future. The reasons for this are also obvious! Why should you carry money around safely when you can do all of your business without money?

There are already places all over Germany where contactless payment is possible. And the trend is increasing. At the moment there are usually rest areas that already offer this service, but in the course of time contactless payment will also prevail in city centers and other shopping opportunities and consolidate its place in society.

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